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Taking material from the endometrium

Cytological Laboratory Niki Margari

Ampelokipi Attica

• Endometrial cancer is the most common malignancy of the female genital system. 75% of endometrial cancers are found in postmenopausal women, with a median age at diagnosis of 61 years.

• According to previously published data, the incidence of endometrial cancer ranges from 0.6 to 6/1000, so endometrial cancer can potentially be a serious public health problem, especially for postmenopausal women.

• Examination of material taken directly from the endometrial cavity is the most reliable diagnostic method for diagnosing endometrial cancer at the cytological level.

Today, endometrial cytology is recognized as an accepted diagnostic method in the United States, and since 1987 in Japan, following the Health Insurance Act for the Elderly, endometrial cytology has become a routine method of initial screening. of endometrial lesions.

• Previously published studies indicate that liquid phase cytology when combined with ultrasound examination has very good results.


The following parameters are important for evaluating the adequacy of the sampling process:

1. Necessary clinical information:

history of menstruation,
the use of birth control pills or other hormones or medications,
the use of an endometrial coil,
previous pathological cytological examination or biopsy,
history of endometrial lesions and treatment followed

2. Immediate fixation of the sample after collection

3. Adequate presence of well-preserved cells in the sample


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