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Practice examination

Cytology Practice | Niki Margari

Ampelokipoi Attica

 Pap Test (Test Pap)
 Diagnosis of Pap test (test Pap)
 ThinPrep - Liquid phase cytology
 Sample taking with fine needle puncture (FNA) and diagnosis (such as breast, thyroid gland, lymph nodes, salivary glands and other structures)
 Diagnosis of fine needle puncture (FNA) sample in deep organs
 Urine cytology test
 Sputum, bronchial secretion cytology test
 Cytological examination of endoscopy material, such as bronchoscopy
 Cytological examination of fluid cavities (such as pleural, ascitic, pericardial fluid)
 Cytological examination of teat secretion
 Cytological examination of oral cavity alterations
Cytological examination of skin lesions